Baseball Pitching Grips


Baseball Pitching Grips

Title: Baseball Pitching Grips
Author: Steven Ellis, Chicago Cubs pitching pro
Ebook, 65 pages
Second edition (2015)
Published in the USA by The Complete Pitcher
ASIN: BPG000010

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Learn 27 Different Baseball Pitching Grips, With Pictures And Descriptions From Various Professional And Amateur Pitchers!


One of the easiest ways to gain an edge on the mound is to change speeds and to develop command of different pitches in baseball.

Having a two-seamer and a change up to complement a fastball is enough to keep most hitters off balance.

Yet adding breaking pitches (curveball, slider) and deceptive pitches (splitter, forkball, sinker) is usually the next step when baseball pitchers want to keep an edge on better hitters.

Building a complete arsenal of "filthy" pitches means conducting a careful study of each pitch, what it can do, and how to throw it effectively.

Throwing an array of different baseball pitches at different speeds to different locations, while having a sequence or strategy in mind — this is the art of pitching.

...and this is why Baseball Pitching Grips, a new book by former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis, is such a valuable resource for pitchers of all ages!

Baseball Pitching Grips is a concise and visual guide to all relevant baseball pitches and how to throw them. Find out how to throw just about every pitch in baseball, with all baseball pitches explained in step-by-step detail.

Coaches, parents and pitchers will find this graphic tutorial on all the different baseball pitching grips to be highly instructional and very important. All 87 photos and illustrations of 27 different pitches and 47 various pitching grips make this guide by far the most complete and up-to-date available for learning different baseball pitches.

Of course, in addition to learning all the basic types of pitches like the fast ball grip, the change up grip, and the curve ball grip, Baseball Pitching Grips also gives you a closer look at the more advanced types of baseball pitches that big league pitchers employ.

This pitching grip information will equip you with tools you need to pitch better and reach the next level of success faster. That's because you'll find out exactly how to throw baseball pitches, how to develop quality breaking pitches, and how to master all of the other secondary or off-speed pitches thrown today, including the following:

  • How to throw a 4-seam fastball (4-seam fastball grip)
  • How to throw a 2-seam fastball (2-seam fastball grip)
  • How to throw a true 'power' fastball (how to pitch a fastball)
  • How to throw a 3-finger fastball for kids (3-finger fastball grip)
  • How to throw a splitter (split-finger fastball grip)
  • How to throw a cutter (cut fastball grip)
  • How to throw a sinker (sinker grip)
  • How to throw a changeup (changeup grip; how to pitch a changeup)
  • How to throw a circle changeup (circle changeup grip)
  • How to throw a 3-finger changeup (three-finger changeup grip)
  • How to throw a 'fosh' changeup (foshball grip)
  • How to throw a palmball (palmball grip)
  • How to throw a curveball (curveball grip; how to pitch a curveball)
  • How to throw a 12-6 curveball w/ a sharper break
  • How to throw a beginners' curveball for kids
  • How to throw a knuckle curveball (knuckle curve grip)
  • How to throw a spike curveball (spike curve grip)
  • How to throw a slider (slider grip; how to pitch a slider)
  • How to throw a knuckleball (knuckleball grip)
  • How to throw a corkscrew knuckleball (corkscrew knuckleball grip)
  • How to throw a forkball (forkball grip)
  • How to throw a screwball (screwball grip)
  • How to throw a slurve (slurve ball grip)
  • How to throw a gyroball (gyroball grip)
  • How to throw a shuuto (shuuto grip)
  • How to throw an eephus (eephus grip)
  • How to throw a 'crossfire' (crossfire grip)
  • And more baseball piches!

Baseball Pitching Grips was written specifically for those pitchers who want to add additional pitches to their arsenal, become more consistent winners, and enjoy greater success on the mound by learning how to grip baseball pitches.

Don't miss out! Baseball Pitching Grips will teach you everything you need to know about the different baseball grips — from how to grip pitches like the slider and knuckleball, to how to throw pitches safely and effectively. In all, this simple step-by-step guide delivers the baseball pitching instruction you need to achieve immediate results. And if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we'll refund your money 100%.

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"The illustrated baseball pitches of various baseball grips are straight up awesome!"

-Jeff Westcott, Fla.

"Thanks for all the pictures of curveball grips. I'm teaching the curveball to my 16 year old and wanted to be sure I was being smart and safe about it. This was exactly what I was looking for."

-Jim Houser, Alabama

"We couldn't believe how many different baseball grips and illustrations there are. Our son's coach has told us to stick with the fastball and a changeup for now, but he said your materials were good. We couldn't agree more! Thank you."

-Pam Kneeland

"If you want to learn ANY new pitch, this book's got it!"

-Tom B.

"The pitching grips for the knuckle curve and sinker were EXACTLY what I was looking for. I really want to develop a better sinker and breaking ball this off-season. This information will definitely help get me there."

-Erik, D2 college pitcher

"For the price, this is a surprisingly good book. I played college ball and have been pitching in an adult league for 7 years. Excellent diagrams of all the junk pitches! I throw some of mine the same way!"

-John Simmons

Here's a look at some of the pages inside the Baseball Pitching Grips instructional manual:

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Baseball Pitching Grips